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The Jarred Williams Foundation

Jarred Williams was an ordinary kid with a passion for sports. He was an enthusiastic soccer player and an avid member of the Richmond, Vt. Little League.

He seldom missed a Yankees game on TV, and checked the box scores daily. Baseball was a big part of his life. While we may not share his support for the Yankees, we do share his appreciation for the spirit of baseball which touches the lives of so many of us.

At the age of 12, Jarred was diagnosed with a brain tumor. On his thirteenth birthday, it claimed his life. In his honor, his family has created the Jarred Williams Foundation to offer financial support other families with chronically ill children. To learn more about Jarred and his family, please visit the foundation's website at


If you love baseball, if you've enjoyed reading, or if you simply want to help a family going through the worst nightmare imaginable, please consider donating to the Jarred Williams Foundation. Any amount would be greatly appreciated, but if you could see your way clear to donating $1 for every park that Joe visited (30), it would go a long way towards helping a family in dire need.

Thank you for your generosity.


Payment Options

Please make checks payable to The Jarred Williams Foundation and mail them to:

Jarred Williams Foundation
PO Box 173
Richmond, VT 05477-0173