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Joe's Final Comments after completing his 30 park journey:

Greetings - I would like to share with you a poem of sorts which was read at Tip O'Neill's funeral by his son. 

"Around the corner I have a friend in this great city that knows no end.  Yet days go by and weeks rush on, and before I know it a year is gone.  And I never see my old friend's face, for life is a swift and terrible race.  He knows I like him just as well as in the days when I rang his bell and he rang mine.  We were younger then and now we are busy, tired men; tired of trying to make a name, tired with playing a foolish game.  Tomorrow, I say, "I will call on Jim, just to show that I'm thinking of him."  But tomorrow comes and tomorrow goes, and the distance between us grows and grows.  Around the corner - yet miles away - 'Here's a telegram, sir...Jim died today.'  And that's what we get, and deserve in the end; around the corner, a vanished friend."

I guess my point is that if you have something you really want to do, don't put it off.  Life is short, time flies, etc. This has really been a growing experience for me and what started out as a lark became very meaningful.  Would I do it again?  NOT ON YOUR LIFE!  Am I glad I did it? ABSOLUTELY!  I've appreciated more than I can express all the e-mails from all over the country supporting what I thought was something in which nobody else would be interested.  Many people at the various stadiums told me they hoped to do the same some time.  Most people asked which was the best stadium so far.  Some asked which was the worst.  All were deeply interested.  That is what surprised me the most.
I spent yesterday (Wednesday 8/25/04) morning at the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton OH.  While I would recommend it to any fan of the game, it did not bring to me the same emotions as in visiting Cooperstown.  I guess the tradition just isn't there. 
Tickets, including fees  $1,045.09
Hotels  (39 nights, expenses shared 8 nights) $2,936.08
Gasoline           $841.25


Plane tickets    $949.90
Car rentals (including duct tape)  $920.74

I'm going to be starting a travel newsletter of sorts.  I haven't decided exactly how I will do it but if you would like to be included in the email list, please respond.

Thanks to all for giving me someone with whom to share my experiences.  Now, let's see, how many National Hockey League arenas are there?
P.S.  Thanks to all who donated to the Jarred Williams Fund.  This isn't just fluff.  I really mean it.  You feel much better when doing a good deed.
-Joe Wagg